Our Why

We believe in making a HUMAN ORGANIZATION. Of course we believe in efficient processes, standardized systems, and the BOTTOM LINE. However, without innovative, engaged, motivated, and collaborative people, systems and processes don’t matter. Every organization has STRATEGIC BUSINESS PROBLEMS, but sometimes those processes become OVER COMPLICATED. Using the power of your people, those complicated business problems become much more simple. This is our WHY. To help organizations improve the way they think, learn and apply knowledge at an organizational, team and individual level.

About The Founder

Christian Kilpatrick

Christian Kilpatrick is the founder of Brick6 Creative, a creative solutions organization that is focused on providing unique, creative solutions in teambuilding, brand creation, workplace culture consulting and event management. Christian realized that excellent communication and creativity were hard to find in companies so he began Brick6 Creative with the vision of wanting to help companies think differently about their operations and how they could provide value in all facets of the company.

Christian currently holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Supply Chain Management and a Master of Science degree in Management and Leadership. With this degree, he hopes to continue to further his company and help others reach their leadership potential. In December 2018, he became a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator which he has used to help others become more creative and improve they way they think about and apply knowledge.

Through his organization, and throughout his career, he has always challenged the status quo and helped others do the same. His firm belief is that everyone can be a leader in their own way without regard to experience, knowledge or skill set. He strives to make this known through his many volunteering engagements and networking groups.

In his free time, Christian enjoys spending time with his wife, two dogs and cat. He currently has a little girl on the way and expects that his time will be limited from then on. Christian is an avid fan of football and many other sports. He enjoys basketball, soccer and mixed martial arts. His favorite teams are the Cowboys, Boise State and University of Notre Dame. Currently residing in Boise, Idaho, Christian also enjoys the outdoors and activities that Boise offers. Between floating the river, hiking, swimming and walking the greenbelt, Idaho is truly home for Christian.