Using bricks and a trained facilitator, this method is designed to help foster creativity, imagination, and play during the problem solving process. Participants will build models representing an answer to a question posed by the facilitator (Ex: Build a model representing the mission of the company). By building, participants are able to articulate complicated, conceptual thoughts, ideas, and perceptions that are hard to envision by talking, and are better understood visually. This not only helps the builder better understand their own thoughts, but it helps everyone involved understand it. This method is designed to help everyone become engaged and collaborative.

Using specific techniques and a core process, participants will be able to solve problems and implement solutions faster, for less cost and less time. In a nutshell, this method is useful because it:

Creates Flow

Participants become fully immersed and involved in the process.

“Think through your fingers”

80% of the brain is dedicated to your hands

Create a Story Using Metaphors

The model tells the story

Everyone Contributes and Gives Their Perspective

Instructionism Turns Into Constructionism


100% Team Engagement

New Ideas and Insights

Unlock New Knowledge

Better Communication

Enhances Imagination

Strengthens Memory

No Experience Necessary

Have Fun Solving Problems

Purposeful Play