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Extract. Learn. Simplify.

Our Consulting Services+Process

Have a specific business issue we can help you with? See below to find out how we can help!

Our Five Step process allows us to focus on simplifying business problems by extracting information, insights, ideas and thoughts from your company's people, thus allowing everyone to learn from each other, reflect on the new information and knowledge that is available and taking that information and initiating holistic and simplified business solutions. 


Workshop Design and Facilitation

  1. Consultation-We ask you the right questions to determine how best to serve you

  2. Design Workshop-We build a unique workshop based on your current needs

  3. Implement and Facilitate Workshop

Ongoing Coaching

4. Deliverables-Provide summarized documentation of workshop and problem/solution statements

5. 30-Day Checkup-We check in with you after 30 days to provide ongoing support and consulting of solution implementation

What We Offer

Structured Workshops

These workshops are designed to help you and your team collaborate, knowledge share, and discover and implement solutions faster.

  • Strategically Designed

  • Unique To Your Problem

  • Facilitated From Start To Finish

  • Begins With a Goal In mind

  • Participants Have the Option To Keep Materials If They Prefer

  • Offered In Two Hour Increments

Unstructured Workshops

These workshops are about collaborating and learning from each other during the ideation phase of problem solving, product development, or anything in between.

  • These Are Not Workshops, Nor Strategic In Nature.

  • We Provide the Materials That Participants Can Use At Any Time For Idea Generation, Collaboration or Just For Fun

  • Offered In Two Hour Increments

  • We Will Be Around To Facilitate Whenever Called Upon

Our Philosophy

Educo: Latin meaning for “Draw Out or Extract”

Educo is in everything we do. It’s about extracting the best from your organization’s PEOPLE and using that to further the mission and maintain the vision of your company. And, how do we do that? Through PURPOSEFUL PLAY.

We believe that the SMARTEST people are the one’s in the room. You don’t need an outside group of people telling you how to improve your business. You need your people. They have all of the information to solve problems and implement solutions. Sometimes, however, that information is hard to communicate and articulate because it isn’t being extracted and utilized correctly. That’s where Brick6 comes in.

Using our unique methodology and materials, we will successfully EXTRACT this hidden information, unlock new knowledge, and evoke creativity and imagination during the problem solving process. Using EDUCO, PURPOSEFUL PLAY, and CREATIVITY, we will help you translate your people’s knowledge into successful business results.

We take the stress out of problem solving and make it more fun, engaging, and collaborative