Our Philosophy


Educo: Latin meaning for “Draw Out or Extract”

Educo is in everything we do. It’s about extracting the best from your organization’s PEOPLE and using that to further the mission and maintain the vision of your company. And, how do we do that? Through PURPOSEFUL PLAY.

We believe that the SMARTEST people are the one’s in the room. You don’t need an outside group of people telling you how to improve your business. You need your people. They have all of the information to solve problems and implement solutions. Sometimes, however, that information is hard to communicate and articulate because it isn’t being extracted and utilized correctly. That’s where Brick6 comes in.

Using our unique methodology and materials, we will successfully EXTRACT this hidden information, unlock new knowledge, and evoke creativity and imagination during the problem solving process. Using EDUCO, PURPOSEFUL PLAY, and CREATIVITY, we will help you translate your people’s knowledge into successful business results.

Our Why

We wanted a way to bring fun and more engaging communication into the workplace. Standard meetings are boring, non-efficient, and there’s never just one. After many failed attempts at trying to liven up meetings, we stumbled upon LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and realized that this amazing method is not only versatile, but can be tailored to every organization, team, and individual and is incredibly FUN.

We believe in making a HUMAN ORGANIZATION. Of course we believe in efficient processes, standardized systems, and the BOTTOM LINE. However, without innovative, engaged, motivated, and collaborative people, systems and processes don’t matter. Every organization has STRATEGIC BUSINESS PROBLEMS, but sometimes those processes become OVER COMPLICATED. Using the power of your people, those complicated business problems become much more simple. This is our WHY. To help organizations improve the way they think, learn and apply knowledge at an organizational, team and individual level.

About The Founder

Christian Kilpatrick

Christian is a certified facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials and the founder of Brick6 Creative, a creative advisement firm that uses Lego bricks and unique workshops to improve the way we think, learn, and apply knowledge and skills at a personal, team, and organizational level.He currently holds a B.B.A. in Supply Chain Management and will be finishing his Master’s degree by the end of 2019. Christian specializes in team development, strategy building, and process improvement. His favorite things to do are traveling, reading, and swimming and he loves to talk philosophy.

My Top 5 Reasons for Loving LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® are:

  1. Allows participants to communicate and collaborate without fear of being judged.

  2. The LEGO® bricks allow participants to communicate by speaking a new language (A.K.A. Do you speak LEGO®?)

  3. Flexibility in the workshops and how the LEGO® bricks are used.

  4. Enhances memory

  5. Playing with a purpose

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